How Can I Manage Holiday Stress? A Guide to Surviving the Holiday

by Hayley Miller, LPCC, RD, CEDRD-S The holidays can be tough. You might feel pressured to spend time with people who stress you out or use eating disorder behaviors to manage your feelings. Anxiety might swirl in your mind, and it might be hard to know how to cope. You’re not alone in that. Many (more…)

What Puts the RO in RODBT?

By Elizabeth Weiner,  LMFT Clients seeking eating disorder recovery have already had some experience with traditional DBT. They may report that they know all the DBT acronyms. However, I have also heard several clients emphatically state, “I’m not doing ANY more DBT!” Unfortunately, the traditional DBT model can feel like an experience of mis-attunement for (more…)

Free-Range Children at Family Gatherings

By Christine Loeb, LMFT, RD   Today I watched a big family pass around a baby at a birthday gathering. The infant, not yet walking and talking, was nonetheless the star of the party, connecting w/ each loved one over the variety of delicious food that was there. Each person excitedly offered her something to eat (more…)

A Conversation About Bariatric Surgery

By Katie Chapmon MS, RDN When I first met my friend and colleague, Nancy King, MS, RDN, we discovered a shared value of being caring and compassionate in all we contribute as nutrition professionals. We both treasure being on the journey with a human being releasing a battle with food and their body as they become (more…)

Slip-ups in Eating Disorder Recovery: 5 Steps to Getting Back on Track

By Linday Gooze,  LMFT Slip-ups are a part of recovery. When I say this to clients, they often shudder and say, “Maybe for other people, but I want to do this perfectly.” Well, this makes sense. Many people struggling with eating disorders also struggle with perfectionism, rigidity, and black and white thinking. These qualities drive (more…)

Talking Food and Body With Kids; From School to Home

by Elizabeth Weiner, LMFT Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an all too common and controversial discussion in schools across the United States. However, implementation of screening programs across American schools is not typically paired with engagement of families and strategy development to support student’s healthy bodies. Schools identify at-risk youth, sometimes inaccurately. Students (more…)

Healing the True Hungers Beneath Emotional Eating

  by Sona DeLurgio, PsyD, LMFT Enjoying that brownie – YES! Savoring the creamy mac n’ cheese – YES! Delighting in the juicy peach – YES! We do enjoy food. We’re supposed to, it’s one of the pleasures of life. Yet sometimes our eating doesn’t bring pleasure but becomes more of a villain. You might (more…)

You Can Use Your Health Insurance for Treatment of an Eating Disorder

By Amanda F Jennings. LMFT Did you know that all health insurance now includes benefits for behavioral health?  You can get psychotherapy paid by you health insurance at the same rate as physical illnesses.  So why not try this option?  Depending on your coverage you could be looking at paying a small weekly copay and (more…)

Why Choose an Eating Disorder Specialist

  By: Josie Munroe, MFT   An eating disorder is a physical, mental, and emotional crisis. Finding the right treatment team can literally be a matter of life and death. Even when symptoms are mild and motivation to change is strong, working with a specialist is so valuable because most eating disorders will worsen over (more…)