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Dear ED Professional:

Welcome to the Valley Federation of Eating Disorder Professionals Website.

If Eating Disorders Treatment is what you love to do, and if you work with patients in one of our beautiful Valleys surrounding Los Angeles, this has been your networking group for some time.  Through this website, patients who need you have a way to find you.

Clients in the San Fernando Valley and all other valleys surrounding Los Angeles have long sought this Coordinated Data Base for Therapists, RD’s, MD’s, and allied treatment professionals from various backgrounds and philosophies.

VFED exists because our best work is collaborative, more effective, and more fulfilling when we come together. Challenges are inevitable in this specialty and we need support from those who “get it.” VFEDpros is also a place where we celebrate our successes together.

Profile Listing on our map and homepage with photo and social media links

People in your neighborhood will find you more easily. Tell them who you are, where you are, and what you do best. Clients seeking treatment turn to VFED when other practices are full.  VFED links clients directly with your own Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles.

Attendance at our monthly CE Table Talks (a cost of $10 each time for nonmembers)

The reason to join. Meet local colleagues and learn about all aspects of Eating Disorder treatment- clinical, administrative, and Higher Level of Care.  Access selected recorded sessions on our “for providers” dropdown. With a VFEDpros Paid Membership, you will now be able to attend Table Talks at no fee. The cost to attend a Table Talk for non-members is $10, which includes one CE.  And, if you are unable to attend, members have access to our video library of past Table Talks (thank you pandemic Zoom).

Inclusion in BeFED with VFED Evening Case Consult Group

Our monthly online group supervision with experienced Eating Disorder specialists- get help with your difficult cases. (open only to paid members)

Free advertising for your Groups

Use the Support Groups page on our website to find members for the group that you, yourself run. Clients and professionals seek support on this regularly updated resource.  Our most frequent request is, “Where can I find a group?” Now there is a place where you can list your group(s), organized by Day of the Week.

We will still be hosting a Fancy Spring Luncheon in April, though admission will be charged separately.

Dine with colleagues in a flower filled setting and enjoy our favorite time together, while attending a significant CE presentation. In 2023 we welcomed Nicole Cruz,RD who taught us best practices in childhood feeding in the family. Following 2021’s virtual “Unluncheon” addressing bias in the Eating Disorder Field- 2022’s emotional reunion featured Susan Richter, MFT, CEDS, SEP who spoke on “Healing Trauma and Eating Disorders Through the Lens of the Nervous System”. And in 2020 Carolyn Costin shared her wisdom on “Challenges, Controversies, and Clashes in the ED World” as well as her own demonstrated Sound Bath Healing.

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