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Eating disorders can feel hopeless, but they aren’t. Whether it's your first time seeking help or your umpteenth time, you CAN recover.

There are many reasons eating disorders are invited into your life. Just as there are many reasons why a person develops an eating disorder, the way you recover will be just as unique. If there was a one size fits all solution, that would perhaps be as deceptive as the problem itself. Whether it’s perfectionism, judgment, loneliness, self-improvement, health, fear, family issues… Together we will discover what invites these problems into your life, and begin to find what recovery means for you.

Many of my clients have described me as the “anti-therapist,” which is a description I wear with pride. I bring enthusiasm, improvisation, imagination, & creativity into each session. My ability to think outside the nine dots & ask questions that others may not enables me to develop creative solutions with clients to help untangle what many would consider to be complicated problems. I believe in (& embrace) experimentation: the freedom to test things out & see how they fit, to explore the various facets of yourself, & to allow for complexities, contradictions, & messiness… all the stuff the eating disorder hates & recovery needs. Eating disorders are strong, they need something stronger to overpower them. I want to help discover what that is for you. 

Combining clinical and lived experience with a love of social justice, my passion to help others find recovery and healing is integrated into each part of my work. I have been actively involved in the eating disorder field for over a decade, and have provided therapy at a variety of community counseling centers, treatment facilities, and in private practice. I love working closely with individuals to discover and connect to their hopes, values, passions, and interests outside of the problem, and support them in re-(dis)covering what their “anti-eating disorder” life will look like.”

 Rooted in a desire for social change, I employ a critical feminist, anti-oppression, Health At Every Size, fat-positive, trauma-informed approach. My therapeutic approach is grounded in Narrative theory, an evolving set of ideas and practices, which embrace a collaborative, non-pathologizing, culturally-sensitive, and respectful approach to working with people, families, and communities. This approach supports those who consult with me in developing self-understanding, establishing meaningful relationships with others, and navigating life-defining challenges. 

I have been in the battle with food and weight, caught in the war zone of an eating disorder, and come out the other side. Now recovered, I love working with others to discover their own version of recovery, and find out what is keeping them stuck from living the life they desire. I am extremely passionate about working alongside individuals discovering and connecting to their hopes, values, passions, and interests outside of the problem, and supporting them in re-(dis)covering what their “anti-eating disorder” life will look like.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I am also a registered yoga teacher, specializing in yoga for eating disorders, Accessible yoga, and certified Nia, & Pole Instructor.  I have worked to reclaim body-focused forms of movement by shifting the language & intention in classes to foster an inclusive & inclusive & empowering environment for all bodies.

In addition to offering virtual sessions I love getting creative and taking therapy off the couch, which includes (but is not limited to): taking sessions outside, walk & talk, dine & dish, mindbody movement, email and online therapy, and more

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