Building a Private Practice

This Table Talk happened on Monday, June 8, 2020

"Relationships over business cards"- Robyn Goldberg’s advice in this week’s Table Talk on Building a Private Practice. Make connections with family, with friends, with any community you find yourself part of. Have a business plan, update goal dates regularly, and utilize mentors. Robyn began her journey in college on a tennis scholarship and says it was scary at first. She has seen referral patterns shift and her business grow or even shrink at times. But she had lots of pots on the stove and continually reassessed what works for her. Don’t give up. Your business is like a plant and will respond well to consistent nurturing. After 23yrs Robyn has documented her wisdom in a book for professionals and disordered eaters alike called The Eating Disorder Trap, Give it a look! And a podcast by the same name is in the works. Give it a listen!

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Video of Robyn's talk here.

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