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VFED is here to connect Valley Treatment Seekers with Valley Treatment Providers. We provide information and links to Eating Disorder Services for those suffering from Eating Disorders as well as their Friends and Families. For the most part, we highlight services and treatment local to the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley, the Simi Valley, the Antelope Valley and The Conejo Valley. This includes Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Medical, and related licensed professionals. We also connect Valley Treatment Providers to each other and to Continuing Education.

What causes an Eating Disorder?

This a complex question with a complex answer. There is no single thing that causes someone to develop an eating disorder. Research suggests that there are typically a combination of factors that may lend someone to be more vulnerable, including biological and environmental factors. More specifically, there may be hereditary factors, temperament vulnerabilities, or traumatic life experiences someone has experienced. This is why it is essential to treat eating disorders with each of these factors in mind. There must be a combination of medical, psychological, and nutritional care.

What is Anorexia?

Do you find yourself or a family member obsessively thinking about what food should or shouldn't be eaten, constantly worrying that weight will be gained? Anorexia is often characterized by significant weight loss that impacts physical and emotional health and well-being. Those suffering with anorexia often have an irrational fear of weight gain, even if their body is at a dangerously low weight. The obsessions with food and body often take over an individual’s life to the extent that they cannot function. Those suffering with anorexia may describe their mental experience as “living in a jail,” due to the rigidity of their thoughts and emotions.

What is Orthorexia?

Do you find yourself constantly checking labels, worrying about whether the foods you are eating have healthy or organic ingredients? Do you find that your days are taken up by needing to plan what you will eat in case healthy foods are not available? Orthorexia is an eating disorder characterized by an obsession with eating “healthy,” “clean,” or “good” foods. The rigidity in food choices may become extreme to the point that it impacts someone’s health and well-being.

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