August 22, 2019

By Christine Loeb, LMFT, RD


Today I watched a big family pass around a baby at a birthday gathering. The infant, not yet walking and talking, was nonetheless the star of the party, connecting w/ each loved one over the variety of delicious food that was there. Each person excitedly offered her something to eat and her delight was contagious. Why wouldn’t she try all of the new tastes and experiences?


May 10, 2019

By Katie Chapmon MS, RDN

When I first met my friend and colleague, Nancy King, MS, RDN, we discovered a shared value of being caring and compassionate in all we contribute as nutrition professionals. We both treasure being on the journey with a human being releasing a battle with food and their body as they become empowered to be their own person.

March 15, 2019

By Linday Gooze,  LMFT

Slip-ups are a part of recovery. When I say this to clients, they often shudder and say, “Maybe for other people, but I want to do this perfectly.” Well, this makes sense. Many people struggling with eating disorders also struggle with perfectionism, rigidity, and black and white thinking. These qualities drive the eating disorder, but they cannot drive recovery.